Travel pillow - Adventure awaits

Travel pillow - Adventure awaits

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Travelling means adapting. We can never know for sure what we will find when we reach our destination: what the weather, the hotel you stay at or the food you were dying to try in that restaurant will be like, or even the characters of the people who will cross your path, etc. What we do know is that it is best to have all your energy and strength available. Resting and having a little nap is one thing that is a great help in making the most of any journey (by land, sea or air). And we have a useful little tip to help you adapt to the seats you find on all those forms of transport: the Lovely Streets travel pillow. A light, soft accessory that comfortably but firmly supports your head and neck to prevent those awkward postures we always complain about. It does not take up much space so it is perfect to take with you on every adventure in the backpack, tote bag or suitcase you always have with you, and use it whenever you like to make every journey a real dream. The kind that lets you keep imagining wonderful journeys with your eyes closed..

Size: 30 x 29 x 10 cm
U-shaped pillow, soft but firm, to give your head and neck comfort and support. Ideal for plane, train and car journeys, etc.
- Wash ONLY the cover in cold water (never wash the interior).
- Do not use bleach.
- Do not iron.