Aluminum bottle Lovely Streets - Aventuras

Aluminum bottle Lovely Streets - Aventuras

Metal, white and easy to carry: the Lovely Streets bottle to sip your way through a million adventures or more.
With the illustrations on the outside, and whatever you decide to put inside, whenever you use it your thirst for new experiences with be quenched with your favorite taste.
If you are thirsty for new experiences, new places and new people to meet, grab your bottle and head off. With this illustrated bottle in hand, you are bound to get wherever you set your heart on.
Are you ready to drink the world all up?

- 100% BPA-free.
- Made from pure extruded aluminum.
- Complies with European FDA, HC and other regulations.
- Reusable and recyclable.
- Hermetic seal, even usable for carbonated drinks.
- Does not retain or transmit flavors.
- Very light.

Bottle size:
- 600 ml.
- 74 x 198 cm.
- Rim width: 33 cm.
- 122 g.

Usage and cleaning:
- Suitable for alcoholic beverages and citrus fruit juices.
- DO NOT wash in a dishwasher.
- DO NOT heat in a microwave.
- NOT a thermos container.
- DO NOT freeze.

Before first use and for daily cleaning, we recommend hand-washing with liquid soap in lukewarm water. Leave it to dry upside down so no water remains inside. Store without the top on after each use. Designed and produced with lots of love in Spain.