Key-ring Lovely Streets - Sevilla

Key-ring Lovely Streets - Sevilla

The best way of avoiding leaving your keys lying around and losing them is to have a pretty key-ring you will never want to take your eyes off … like this one from Lovely Streets! A beautiful accessory that has been lovingly designed with a clear aim in mind: to further deepen your love for the city of Lisbon. A place we love to walk around and get lost in, climb to the tops of the hills and see the roofs from a bird's eye view and let all our senses be intoxicated with the vast number of beautiful, authentic spots in the city. If you have been to the city you know what we are talking about. If you have not we are sure that this key-ring will immediately awaken your desire for adventure and encourage you to start preparing for a little trip to Portugal. Don't forget to keep your house keys safe for when you come home. Keep them all together with the help of this Lovely Streets key-ring. You can also use it to personalise any backpack or bag with a zip and turn them into much more travel-themed and adventurous items. If you are buying it as a gift, it is the perfect thing for globetrotters with lots of style.

Size: 14 x 2 cm
(Leather and polyester).