Key-ring - Milan

Key-ring - Milan

Striking skyscrapers, pretty parks, countless Romanesque churches and art everywhere you look. And as if that were not enough, so many shops selling clothes, shoes, decoration and designer objects to delight true shopping addicts. Milan is all that … and much more! A great city where there is always an exhibition on, an aperitif to try or a fantastic photo to take. So whenever we visit it we feel enchanted and eager to keep exploring every nook and cranny. It is also the inspiration for this pretty Lovely Streets key-ring. A totally beautiful, practical accessory specially dedicated to all those travellers who cannot imagine their day-to-day life without a little dose of adventure. A key-ring you can use to keep all your keys nice and tidy: for your house, car, moped or bicycle that you use every day. You can also use it to personalise that backpack that has travelled so many miles with you. A real gift for adventurers whose hearts Italy has stolen away and who aspire to keep its essence as close to them as possible.

Size: 14 x 2 cm
(Leather and polyester).