Key-ring - Porto

Key-ring - Porto

It is hard to imagine the Portuguese city of Oporto without the sunlight reflecting off the River Douro, its enchanting streets and evening meals washed down with delicious local wines. Just as it is difficult to imagine a true traveller, one of those with a curious, restless heart, not wanting always to have a light touch of adventure in their everyday life. Let Lovely Streets and its original and joyful accessories, like this pretty key-ring dedicated to the city of Oporto, take care of that. A key-ring specially designed to help you keep your keys together with an irresistible travel look that can stimulate your imagination whenever you lock or unlock a door. A simple, everyday gesture that will then become a magical moment capable of carrying you away to that city and reminding you of all the anecdotes and tales you brought back with you. If you have never been to Oporto, seeing this key-ring is all it will take to convince you to contact that special person in your life to start planning a getaway to this unique place. And all thanks to this special, pretty key-ring that is always ready for new adventures.

Size: 14 x 2 cm
Material: Leather and polyester.