Magnets Lovely Streets - Asturias

Magnets Lovely Streets - Asturias

If Asturias has stolen your heart away, remember every bit of its scenery with these Lovely Streets magnets. Your fridge will become your favorite place in your home and every time you go near it will bring to mind the most beautiful memories of its magnificent scenery.
This glorious part of Spain is shown on these five magnets in illustrations in which you can smell the green fields and see the blue of its seas and the golden tint of its cider.
A postcard, a photo, the bill from that dinner … You can keep it all on the fridge with these magnets that are best reminder of everything that made you fall in love with Asturias.

- 4.1 cm diameter for each of the 4 round models.
- 8.7 x 2.6 cm for the city's name.