Magnets Lovely Streets - Lisboa

Magnets Lovely Streets - Lisboa

The best of everything that made you fall in love with Lisbon is illustrated on these Lovely Streets magnets. So you can remember every second of your trip to the Portuguese capital every time you open your fridge.
One of the magnets could hold up a postcard of a yellow tram or a photo of a magnificent wine. Your memories will stick in your mind and be stuck on your fridge in the form of a beautiful picture.
At breakfast, lunch and dinner, or even between meals. Lisbon will come back to you every time you go in the kitchen showing the best of the city, its streets, its monuments and its famous people. All the best is on these five Lovely Streets magnets.

- 4.1 cm diameter for each of the 4 round models.
- 8.7 x 2.6 cm for the city's name.