Magnets Lovely Streets - New York

Magnets Lovely Streets - New York

The Big Apple will fit in your kitchen thanks to these Lovely Streets magnets. That's right, New York will be closer than ever with these five illustrated magnets that will dress your fridge in the best of memories.
What did you like most? Times Square or the Empire State Building? Whatever part of New York has touched your heart, now you can freeze the memory in your refrigerator together with a photo of the place.
Having a mid-afternoon slice of cake or morning coffee with these Lovely Streets magnets: any time you are in the kitchen can be lived large. Because keeping that trip to New York a vivid memory is a way of continuing the adventure while far away.

- 4.1 cm diameter for each of the 4 round models.
- 8.7 x 2.6 cm for the city's name.