Magnets Lovely Streets - Paris

Magnets Lovely Streets - Paris

Mon amour your fridge can have everything that fascinates you about Paris on it with these Lovely Streets magnets. Whether you are about to have a croissant or fancy a slice of cheese, when you open the fridge you will feel like you could almost be there.
All the beauty of the French city will be kept nice and fresh on your fridge door so why not combine it with the best photo or postcard you bought there? With that combination going in your kitchen will be a real joy.
We know the magnetic hold Paris has over you because it captivated you with its elegance and open spaces, its glamour and its magnificent views from the tall buildings. So give in to the memory of it with a smile on your face and these five Lovely Streets magnets.

- 4.1 cm diameter for each of the 4 round models.
- 8.7 x 2.6 cm for the city's name.