Magnets Lovely Streets - Sevilla

Magnets Lovely Streets - Sevilla

Seville, you are so pretty, I am going to freeze all my beautiful memories of you on my fridge door. Because with Lovely Streets magnets I can remember you every time in go in the kitchen.
The people's happiness and style, the streets and buildings, the famous monuments and places. It is all part of your memory of Seville and with these illustrated magnets you will keep it as vivid as ever.
Because gazpacho is better nice and chilled and illustrated with these Lovely Streets magnets. So if you love the city of La Giralda, make the most of its magnetism to keep a part of it at home.

- 4.1 cm diameter for each of the 4 round models.
- 8.7 x 2.6 cm for the city's name.